5G Will Benefit the Logistics Industry

Fundamentally different from previous generations, 5G, the next generation wireless network technology, is engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. It promises data rates 100x those of 4G, with network latency around 1 millisecond, support for 1 million devices/sq. km., and 99.999 percent availability of the network. A connected world enabled by 5G is expected to generate data at unprecedented velocity and volume. This “fast data” will fuel a wide range of data-driven services and digital business models.

5G will drastically affect many industries, but the sector that stands to benefit most from the increased connectivity and speed is the logistics industry. With the lower frequency band providing wider coverage in suburban and rural areas, and the higher frequency band providing better coverage in high density urban areas, the logistics and supply chain industry will finally be able to provide end-to-end continuous coverage for monitoring, tracking and theft detection. Historically, a plethora of challenges around lost signals and insufficient coverage in rural areas have plagued the industry, leading to revenue leakage and bottlenecks for re-establishing inventory checks. 5G will solve many of these problems, positively impacting logistics and supply chain management for freight solutions buyers, cargo owners, and others in various ways, including:

5G will enable organizations to track their valuable cargo across all regions by optimizing coverage in areas that were previously far reaching and considered “dead-zones.” Improved geo-location technology will allow for better visibility into delays and unforeseen travel circumstances, ultimately enhancing location intelligence and mitigating resulting problems. 5G will allow organizations to optimize their routes through improved visibility, and avoid unnecessary trips and inefficiencies. In addition to better tracking in large rural areas, highly trafficked areas will also see benefits from the implementation of 5G networks. As shipments traverse through highly populated metropolitan areas, tracking abilities won’t be slowed down by a strained network. Ultimately, 5G facilitates the ability for logistics managers to account for cargo from end-to-end, during all points of its trip.

According to a survey from Moor Insights & Strategy, 90% of logistics and shipping providers believe the lack of supply chain visibility is one of the biggest challenges in the industry today. With 5G, the implementation of cheaper sensors will allow better single item tagging and tracking, and near edge computing on small footprint infrastructure will allow faster inventory checking. 5G will help provide end-to-end visibility, not just at an aggregate level, but into every product, helping avoid revenue leakage via theft and loss. 5G will improve traceability by providing the ability to track and gather data at every step of the way, including if a truck changes weight (indicating a potential problem). This advancement will allow cargo owners to have high amounts of visibility into the shipping process that were previously difficult to access or nonexistent.

Update Meisjeshuis & Dininghall

Begin deze maand waren Felix, Maria, Paul en Bram op bezoek in Marambeka. Trots werden zij door Mramba en studenten rondgeleid over de ‘schoolcampus’. Het meisjeshuis is nu bewoond en de dininghall is deze maand afgemaakt. De overheid heeft beloofd de keuken in te zullen richten!

Vorig jaar brachten twee leerlingen van het Maaslandcollege, een belangrijke sponsor van dit project, een bordje mee met het logo en de naam van hun school. Groot was het bordje niet, het moest immers mee in het koffer. Onze Afrikaanse vrienden vonden dit echt te klein. Groot hebben ze nu op het meisjeshuis geschilderd: “Maaslandcollege – Girlshouse – Oss-Netherlands”. Super nice!

Gilde Sint Sebastiaan, Bedankt!!

Op zondag 23 september heeft Maria het Koningsschieten van het Gilde Sint Sebastiaan bijgewoond, een gebeurtenis die één keer in de drie jaar wordt georganiseerd. Dankzij de inzet van Maud Kleinekorte, leerlinge van De Nieuwste School, en haar opa, één van de gildebroeders, zamelde het gilde 1500 euro in voor Stichting Mazingira. We zullen het geld gebruiken voor de inrichting van het meisjeshuis.

Dank aan alle gildebroeders!!